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This is what I breathe for 


aw lame



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He has no idea.

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western suburbs eshays my bruddaz @michaelgclifford

Title: Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee impersonating Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin
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can we talk about how accurate joe’s impression of luke is??

can we talk how bad Caspar would be as a drummer

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I bet Michael took a frosting color palate from a bakery and looks at the colors and follows the chart in color order what color to dye his hair next

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Calum5SOS: “Hi, this is my bestfran . He doesn’t like taking photos with me”

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Full Band Intro - Louis introduces the band and the boys sing “I Want”, “I Gotta Feeling”, “Beautiful Girls”/”Stand By Me”, and “Rock Your Body”. (Rose Bowl 9/13/14)

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I don't understand why 1D and 5sos need to distance themselves. From 5sos,distance themselves from 1D can make people think 5sos are too good now for 1D(and 5sos fans who feel insulted when the band is compared to 1D doesn't help one bit) and from 1D,it could be taken like a way to say they've never been close to 5sos guys,that was just a way to get success for them because they own them financially. – from Anonymous



Okay, no, they bigged up the connection at first because they wanted One Direction fans to become 5sos fans. Like I said, they were actively encouraging their fans to “convert” because, well, it’s going to happen one way or another, and it’s better for One Direction if those girls move to a band that’s going to continue pulling revenue for them rather than a band like The Vamps, who 1D have no financial ownership of.

Now they need to distance themselves because they’re trying to break away from the youth market that 5sos are attracting. They don’t want to be seen as the tween band anymore. They’ve already conquered that market, and they need to move into an older one or they’ll fade into obscurity. And on 5sos’ end, they need to cut ties so that they’re not verbally and mentally associated with One Direction for the rest of their careers. 

The general public doesn’t realise that One Direction has ownership over 5sos. The only reason we know is because people dug through legal filings and found the records of ownership via One Mode Entertainment (I think that’s the name?), which is the company Louis set up when 5sos was signed. (I might have these details slightly off, so someone feel free to add to the post if I’m wrong…)

The point is, most people don’t realise One Direction owns 5sos. They just think they’re a supporting act on the tour. Once the tour’s done and the ties are broken, they may never be publicly associated again. But all those girls who go to 5sos shows or buy concert tickets or spend money on shirts and bags and whatever else — Whether they realise it or not, even if they think they’re being edgy and above people who listen to One Direction, it doesn’t matter, because their money is going straight into 1D’s bank accounts.

Here’s d&f’s post about the origins of One Mode Productions.

All five boys have equal financial shares in it, and Louis and Liam serve on the board of directors.